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Terms and Conditions

Why T&C ?

As a Photography company, we hate T&C, We believe in creating memories, not T&C  but due to some facts that some defaulters who have threatened us of leaving bad reviews or comment instead of making final payment or work as per the procedures. Fake reviews or comments really hurt us and our reputation online or offline both.

We are not telling sharing reviews or comments are bad but list the both negative or positive both the sides so that it will be easier to understand and work on that. 


1. RAW Data should be collected within 10 days of the event.
2. Selection of photographs for Photobook and Editing should be done within 10 Days after collecting RAW Data.
3. If the selection of the Photographs is not done within 3 months then we are not responsible for the final delivery date or      Delivery.
4. The final Delivery of Photobook will be done within 45 days after the selection of the Photographs.
5. The final Delivery of the Videos will be done within 45 days of the event.
6. 50% of the final amount will be collected in Advance, 30% on event, 20% on the Final delivery.
7. If the delivery is not done within the time given than the last instalment of payment will not be collected.